Did Money Break Our Happiness?

β€œFor every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”

  ― Ralph Waldo Emerson  

At what point did a dollar become more valuable than a human life? Maybe it was always that way?

I believe a human life has no value to society because we did not assign one. We decided that a human life is not valuable, only the time it expends. So, now we associate the value of someone’s time as their overall value as a human being; therefore we have been taught to believe our life may not have the same value as another. That is false.

When we look at this idea, we apply it to terms defined by media, i.e. rich vs. poor, immigrants vs. residents, men vs. women, and race. We can try to pretend this is not the case, but the evidence is in front of us. Women would not be fighting for equal pay if our time was valued at the same rate as a man.

We don’t live.

We are taught that money has such a significant impact on our personal value. The more money you have the happier you are, right? Your happiness seed is trained to feed on money and possessions, which can only be obtained through the selling of your time.

How do you value your time? The less valuable your time the more of it you must sacrifice to obtain those possessions to water your happiness, some essential in society like a home, food, entertainment. You then must spend a necessary portion of your time doing essential things like sleeping and eating. Some people negate these actions because they believe it decreases their value. Crazy! But, how do you spend the remaining time you have?

Luckily, society also provides use with opportunities increase the value of our time, like educational programs. However, depending on where you live, those standard programs (requires your time, but not your own money) will be more advanced and worthwhile than others. Were you blessed enough to be one of those people?

In addition, subsequently, we have the option to continue adding to the value of our time with post secondary education, and even that choice is significant. Where you study and what you study, but this education requires more time and money, through yourself or other’s that originates by forgoing time. But we do it so we can buy a big home and fancy cars to show others that your time is more valuable. However, it does not change the value of a human life, because possessions can be taken, lost, or destroyed.

We are unhappy.

We spend so much time trying to obtain those items, but what happens if you lost them? Are you still happy? Were you ever happy? Regardless, remember that you CAN be happy again, but finding a true happiness, not tied to money and possessions, is eternal through the ups and downs of life.

Billions of years ago, this planet was desolate of life and even lacked a basic atmosphere, but something changed. Out of nothing, this earth formed what it is today. Cell by cell, atom by atom. So despite the arbitrary value we place upon each other – based on the monetary value of our time – we are all equal. After billions and billions of years of evolution and change, I was blessed enough to live this live on this earth, and so were you.

We all originated from nothing and with nothing; we will pass to the afterlife, if there is one, with nothing and as nothing. That makes use equal despite the toxic idea that we are not.

Can I be happy?

We are human beings connected to each other and to this earth. What I do comes back to me; Karma.

To live a truly happy life, in pursuit of or with the lack of possessions, we need to spread love and compassion. It radiates and grows, in despite of hate and adversity, through one act at a time. But our pursuit of possessions have lead us to destroy this planet and each other. We are blessed to have the life and technology we have today, yet it is obvious we are straining and destroying this earth. Gradually, we are learning to live in pursuit of true happiness, not happiness tied to possessions.

When we are happy and compassionate, we radiate and spread the same. Seeking that eternal happiness will allow me to do so at unimaginable levels, and there is absolutely no way that won’t make this place called earth just a little better? Undeterred by all the anger and hope, I can find eternal happiness.

I hope you choose the same. πŸ™‚

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